blood unscarred

And so I saw the child
Unscared and unblemished
Dripping blood
unmapped by the places she had been
And I asked, if I don’t know that
How can I know where we are going?
She said we don’t have to
But blood unscared and unsalted
With pain, seemed tasteless to my
Blood sodden lips
I am to love you forever
But first trace a path through my bleeding
Hands and taste of me
Dip your hands in my pool
Perhaps be tainted, not so clean
Color your lines and harden your edges
Trace a path and find a way back to me
And I will always be with you


Autumn leaves

Its not easy unburdening myself
What was once beautifully carried and held
Are authmnfully falling
Its confusing
The only logic when I met you was falling for you
Now, the only meaningĀ  is that you be the one to fall so I’ll grow
It will be a cold winter unlearning you
What was once beautifully carried
Scattered out, looking like pieces of me
Are etched around it
It would be a cold winter unlearning you
I’ll embrace myself against this cold
Accepting myself meaningfully
And learn me again in the process
Then winter wont be so cold

The story

Its amazing how unassuming one can be
When a dawn that eclipses the sun bursts in
To change life as we know it
I remember our genesis
When as traversing wise men with the guiding star
Your eyes led me to you
We spoke as walking shadows
Your words reflecting depths I hadn’t thought of
My mirror staring back at me
We counted down hours as seconds
Our minds mated, leading to an eruption
That could only be mildly addressed as mortals
As me having met my best friend
Little over two years mark our history
And we count the years like days
With you, time stands still
IĀ  hold my breath just breathing you in
I may stare at your forehead in appreciation
For centuries to come
I may start a tango with a song that would never end
I wont worry about getting old
The very essence of my youth is at my right hand
Your words are the life source that keeps my heart beating
And when I doubt that I’m alive
The blood rushing through my veins
at an accelerated pace
When I see you….
When I see you
My odes begin again

The Haze

I blanket myself in a shawl of deception
In that shawl, reality is the outsider
The intruder like the sunbeam halo in my hungover state
Saying hello to my dreams, I see you
Images of yesterday flash through my mind
And through this haze, I hide
Regressing to the solitude only my mind provides
I have become my own rehab
Except my therapy is the drug from which I’m withdrawn
The haze
Mirrors of yesterday flash through my mind
And I remember the anger I ought to have felt
The release you gave me
The high I climbed through
When one day of you equaled fifty years of memory
The haze
Where I’m with you and nothing else mattered
Not logic or reason
Nor plans or future
Or depths of feelings
I invested myself with no thoughts of recompense
The haze
I slowly unravel this shawl and wait again for reality
I wean myself from the drug you have become for me
And wait again
Until I cant take it anymore
Then I go back to the haze

hollows in hallways

Its a challenge appreciating hollows
To find inspiration in spaces filled with unpainted pictures and unsung songs
This unwritten book is going to be a little bit hard to read so give me time
This hollow contains echoes that calls out to the darkness that becomes me
This echoes’ song may then become sung
So that the blank spaces may be filled
But spare me for now, the hollow
May I perhaps be done with the silence I’ve been faced with before
Before I come to appreciate this hollow
Let me have the answers to fill the blank spaces with
For now you know that empty hollows are hard to become poetry
Two, hard as it is, your hollows and spaces are my kind
Three, I’m still finding the answers to fill blank spaces
Then I’ll appreciate the hollow in due time.

the black rose-part 2

I once said the black rose was the sweet scented smell of goodbye
And with that I sat in the corner surrounded by crushed dead roses
and tried to forget the dreams that sprouted with them
I forgot
Repression was my nirvana
As I took on with the little great courage I had about what’s next
You served me
A dish of warmth
A damning promise of maybe
And a reality that struck my other realities as wishful thinking
I hate this
This unlearned phase that questions my baseline idea of intellectualism
I have done this before
This is a road once taken
Yet I feel surprised by every new turn I make
I will spin in this circle again
And when my head is wrapped around idea that you are gone
I will serve myself my black roses again
Its just that this time
I damningly hopped that they will be red
This time
I thought it’d be different

I have you today

I have you today
Its the only thing I can think about
Today I will hold you,
Stare at you blocking out any remembrances of tomorrow
Intertwining fingers, we will whisper sweet nothings of past that never was before now
And tomorrows that will never be
I have you today
May I,
May I be able to spread out this day
Hold you before the ark
And days after the godlys are gone
I would give out everyday before this happened
Or keep them knowing they were the trail that led me to you
I dream
Hoping against foolish hope
Being wounded with knives I’ve been cut with before
I still hope
Maybe cos today is ok
Is it?
I still have you today though
And I’ll spend half of it skipping Daly lilies
And the other half
Looking to spread it to forever
Either way baby
I’m thankful
I have you today